New CDHR publication | Renee Dixson in the International Journal of Information, Diversity and Inclusion

Congratulations to current CDHR PhD student Renee Dixson on the publication of their new article stemming from her PhD research.

Dixson, Renee E, ‘What About Us? Preserving LGBTIQ+ History of Forced Displacement’, The International Journal of Information, Diversity, & Inclusion, Vol.5. No.4: Queering Information: LGBTQ+ Memory, Interpretation, Dissemination (2021), 43–68.


This article outlines the research being undertaken to develop the Assembling Queer Displacements Archive (AQDA). This open digital archive is the central focus of a research project that will address the lack of understanding of LGBTIQ+[i] experiences of forced displacement. These experiences are unique but have not received adequate attention. The existing body of work on ‘queering archives’ has been focused on challenging the archival approaches and practices in order to either queer these practices and/or make them more inclusive. However, this work has tended to ignore LGBTIQ+ stories of forced displacement. One reason for this lack of engagement is the lack of direct knowledge and experience of such stories by the researchers and archivists themselves. My positionality as an LGBTIQ+ forcibly displaced person has motivated me to embark on the present research project and to demonstrate inclusive practices to address these gaps in archives.

In this article I explore the role that positionality plays in creating an LGBTIQ+ forced displacement archive. I offer solutions for creating an inclusive practice to collect stories of LGBTIQ+ forcibly displaced people. These solutions have the potential to support a range of digital archival projects that engage with structurally marginalised and oppressed communities.

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