Participate! We want your feedback on a new digital tour of the ANU sculpture collection
New Publication | Students as Innovators in DH and GLAM
Project-led pedagogy for teaching Digital Humanities with GLAM
Digital transformation in the Australian GLAM sector: Staffing differences
Online Training on Inclusive Work with LGBTIQ+ Refugees
FDPN is the national voice of LGBTIQ+ people in forced displacement in Australia.
On Privacy
““It’s private! ” kids are always yelling at their parents and siblings, which suggests that there is something primal about the need for privacy, for secrecy, for hiding places and personal space. These are things we seem to want. But do we have a right to them?” (Menand, 2018).
Fieldwork during COVID19
COVID19 disrupted face-to-face fieldwork. Its challenges are real but it created opportunities. Early thoughts here.
Half-baked Thoughts: Academia is like running
Cut corners with your training, you cut corners with you fitness. Cut corners with your research, you cut corners with your papers.
Half-Baked Thoughts: Academia is like playing chess in a world that’s on fire
It's impossible to play chess and put out a fire at the same time, so you have to take turns doing both.