Resource lists ARE exciting and here’s one for COVID19 fieldwork

Doing fieldwork in the context of physical distancing?

Need to amend your research plans because of COVID19?

COVID19 created significant challenges for researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences (‘HASS sector’) working with at-risk communities, as well as those who needed to travel to undertake field-based research.

Before we were able to assess the full impact of the issues and restrictions, we started to collate resources that might help modify or adapt methodologies. We surveyed the HASS sector nationally and our institutional colleagues to determine needs and to identify ways forward. Our processes are described more fully in the blog.

Our initial step in dealing with the situation was triage. This list of resources was compiled on the fly, to help academics and research students. It’s not comprehensive. Rather than attempting the impossible task of updating it ad infinitum, it became one of the drivers that motivated the development of this website.

We’ve kept the preliminary list of references as an archive here, however, with acknowledgment and gratitude to the researchers who produced the resources initially. We encourage all researchers to explore these further, particularly @DrAdamJowett, @drvicclarke, and @DALupton, whose work we have included.


Photo by Gaelle Marcel

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