Online Conference | Digital Approaches to Multilingual Text Analysis

This online conference will bring together a group of interdisciplinary researchers to discuss the complex dynamics of applying digital approaches in multilingual text analysis. Use of DH tools and methods have been applied across a variety of corpora but text-analysis of English language sources have dominated the field. These approaches are increasingly being used in languages and linguistics research for non-English corpora. The integration of these tools has seen new research questions and possibilities emerge, including questions such as “Is there a non-Anglo digital humanities (DH), and if so, what are its characteristics” (Fiormonte 2016: 438). Recent studies have begun to examine aspects such as OCR for historical text analysis and data mining (Hill & Hengchen 2019; Goodman et al. 2018), multilingual computation analysis (Dombrowski 2020), semantic and sentiment analysis (Daems et al. 2019) and historical linguistics (Evans 2016), among others. We are particularly interested in the ways researchers have used digital tools to examine “big data” from the textual past, and how new tools are being developed to process multilingual texts.